Htech Security

Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware Protection

The need for a strong anti-virus and anti-malware solution grows larger every day. Our solution, powered by award-winning ESET, will ensure that your workstations and servers are safe from these security threats.  Let us protect you from external threats so you can focus on your business.

This solution is available for all our monitoring/maintenance services.




Features and Benefits

Easy Deployment and Licensing Easily deployed to your workstations and servers through our monitoring agent. Fully configurable features allow us to provide robust protection, tailored to your business specific needs.  Let us fully manage your antivirus solution and rest easy knowing your systems are protected.
Malware Protection Htech Security provides protection from all forms of malware, from performance killing viruses and spyware to those annoying pop-ups caused by adware.
Performance Built to be fast and effective, you will enjoy excellent threat prevention without the drain on system performance caused by other suites.
Proactive Detection

Anticipate and eliminate emerging threats with award-winning ESET ThreatSense® technology.

Virus Signatures

Significantly reduce the scanning time needed to identify any particular form of malware. Timely and automatic updates keep you safe from the latest threats.

Code Analysis

Offers enhanced detection by analyzing files for any resemblance to known malicious code samples before virus signatures can be developed.


Suspect code is monitored and quarantined to an isolated environment. Based on the code’s behavior, ESET ThreatSense® then determines whether the given sample poses a threat and flags or eliminates the harmful applications before it can cause any damage.

Guidance Our team of professionals offers guidance to you and your staff on best practices to avoid costly infections.