Htech Managed

Want Your IT Issues Resolved Before You Even Know What They Are?

Our flagship service takes a proactive approach to managing your IT.  Our certified professionals monitor your computers for impending issues and proactively resolve those issues, before they develop into serious and expensive problems.  With the added benefit of scheduled, in-depth maintenance checks, this service will keep your servers and workstations running smoothly and guarantee you a high uptime percentage.  We'll always be watching over your IT investments, but due to our remote capabilities we'll never be in the way of your daily operations.  If you want to focus solely on your customers and leave the IT to us, this is the service for you!




Features and Benefits

In-Depth Maintenance Checks Only found in our flagship service, in-depth maintenance checks are crucial to preventative IT Management.  Our service includes monthly maintenance checks for servers and bi-annual maintenance checks for workstations.  These checks examine overall system performance, backups, Windows and software updates, disk space and health, anti-virus/anti-malware, and critical event logs.
Proactive Monitoring Alerts Agents monitor critical system components 24x7 and alert our professionals of impending issues.  Clients may also opt to receive customized alerts based on component and severity of issue.  Alerted issues include, but are not limited to issues with CPUs, memory, disks, antivirus, patch management, and critical event logs.
Business Hour Support Receive business hour support with a contractually agreed to Service Level Agreement (SLA).  Block hours are available to maintain consistent support costs.  Use the hours as needed and pay over time.
Remote Help Desk Our remote capabilities allow us to connect to end users' workstations quickly and efficiently, allowing our technicians to begin diagnosing and resolving issues immediately.  This method also prevents unnecessary costs and workplace disruption associated with on-site support.  *On-site support is still available if necessary.
Network Health Assessment An initial network health assessment identifies the current condition of your systems and allows us to address hidden network issues.  Periodic assessments may be performed to ensure progress and identify any emerging issues.  Initial and additional assessments included with this service.
Asset Management Our monitoring agents maintain records of important asset information, such as service tags and component specifications.  This allows us to aid in maintaining your servers and workstations by knowing the inner workings and history of each machine.
Anti-Virus/Anti-Malware Powered by ESET, our anti-virus/anti-malware suite , is optionally available for each of our managed services bundles.  With an ever expanding virus definition database and included Internet security, this is the first step in keeping your investments safe from malicious code.  Different suites available for protection of workstations or servers.